How Do You Go About Choosing The Best Golf Watch For You

It’s understandable if you love the game of golf. Millions, if not tens of millions do. It’s a chance to spend time outdoors enjoying fresh air, sunshine, and hopefully some good company. However, what’s unlikely is if you play the game just for the fun of it. Nearly every golf player cares about his or score or performance, and why not? Relaxing as it might be, the game is still a competitive sport with score taken.

As such, you likely look for every edge you can get in your game. Modern golf technology is certainly not letting players down, with new club designs and materials being manufactured constantly to tools like rangefinders in use on many courses not part of the professional circuit. Golf watches are undergoing a revolution of sorts lately, and you might be interested in getting one for yourself. However, just how do you go about choosing the best golf watch for you?

A number of factors certainly all add up together to go into your final decision, and while the list might vary from one golfer to the next, there are a few common ones that every golfer should consider at least minimally:

Cost: While you ever want to waste money, you do tend to get what you pay for. It’s a good idea to set a budget for yourself and then look for the option at that price point that gives you the most bang for the buck.

Manufacturer: The company or business that makes the watch might be a brand with a reputation for quality, which could be a name drop that impresses other players when they ask about your new piece. Then again, in some player circles, wearing a generic or budget brand might make you look thrifty, which is just as respectable as something premium.

Comfort: If the watch doesn’t fit you well without influencing your swing and game, you’re not going to wear it enough for it to help you.

Warranty: The right golf watch is going to have a lifetime warranty, or at least a very long one you can count on.

Functionality: Different golf watches have their own sets of functions, and some of them do better than others. Knowing what you need and how reliable you want it to be goes a long way in sorting through the choices.

Weatherproof: You probably don’t golf too often in the rain and snow, but you’re still outdoors and in the elements. If you want your golf watch to serve you a long time, then it should be certified to handle outdoor use for many years and games to come.

Reviews: The reviews of both professional critics and industry experts should be weighed against the product reviews of previous customers and users. It can be hard to verify the authenticity of some reviews, but they’re also too raw a source of primary information to let go to waste.  Your best bet is to locate a reputable website that reviews golf watches and make an informed decision to find something that you feel jives with what you are looking for.


Shopping for a golf watch should be an exciting thing to do.  There is no doubt these gadgets bring a lot to the table and can make the game of golf even more enjoyable than it already is.  Just take the time to do your research first, and you will most likely be happy with your purchase.

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